God has used the death of six million Jews to bring about the Jewish state of Israel

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Is the Holocaust a major foundation for the Jewish state? In other words a safe haven for the Jewish people after the Holocaust there across Europe.

WM: Well Jimmy let’s put things as you say in historical order. There is no doubt that after World War II a major element that played on the minds of the Western world that over came Nazism, Germany and Italy was the fact that after the war ended they found out that so many millions of Jews had gone through the ovens and the crematory and the gas chambers. They were left with perhaps 300,000 displaced persons who had no where to go although some people said we’ll send them back to Poland, send them back to Austria or Germany.

The only place they really could go should have been Palestine. It should have been obvious Palestine which was in a mandate supposedly a Jewish national home to be. The Zionist move across as odd as it may sound benefited from that reality. But of course the Zionist movement had wished and had worked for almost 50-60 years in the modern political sense to gain a state before World War II.

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