The political climate in Israel is heating up with a debate over Jerusalem the main focus

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: In the news coming out of Florida the Cabinet of the state of Florida voted to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s political capital but also in that statement they said the undivided eternal capital. That sounds like it’s one up on President Trump and they don’t want Jerusalem to be divided at all. That’s good news for Israel isn’t it?

DD: Well it is Jimmy and that was also stated by Benny Gantz the former Chief of Staff until 2015 who made a major speech in Tel Aviv this week announcing his candidacy to be Prime Minister. By the way late opinion polls published Thursday and Friday show he has a pretty good chance of defeating Netanyahu as Prime Minister. He has coalition partners and he joined forces with Moshe Ya’alon who is the former Defense Minister, he resigned in 2005 over the Gaza pullout. He’s pretty right winged, both of them are very strong nationalist, and both are very strong military careers.

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