The European Union is attacking Iran for its anti-Semitism

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Seems like European Union they are condemning Iran’s call for Israel’s destruction. So they are standing up to some extent to this threat from Iran.  

JR: Yes the Iranian President came out recently in a statement. He actually called the state of Israel a cancerous tumor and a fake regime and the European Union came back quite strongly and said that this was completely unacceptable. Iran is sort of a very pressured acting out of pressure keeping this deal which has been disregarding which has now been pulled out. Europe does not have an obligation to do it but then they want everyone to keep the obligation while they make the nuclear development which was the whole point of the deal in the first place.

JD: By the way I read a poll John that said a third of Europeans say that Jews have too much political influence. What do you know about that?

JR: In Europe there’s a number of polls and they’ve been very helpful that one-third are actually of the opinion that Jews are too politically influential in Europe. But in addition there was another statement which I personally found just shocking. Twenty percent of European youths and young adults 18-34 years old have never heard of the Holocaust. I don’t even see how such a situation can be possible. But you see what their focus is there’s a lot of propaganda in Europe. There is a lot of party lines a tow and there’s a uphill battle right now with anti-semitic attitudes throughout the European Union.

JD: John Rood with details behind the European Union attack on Iran for Iranian anti-Semitism.

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