John Chau Martyred / News RoundUp

​Date:      December 6, 2018
Host:       Jim Schneider
​Guest:     Mat Staver
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​Jim began this edition of the program with news from Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver. The news concerned 26 year old John Chau who was martyred on November 17th by tribal people on North Sentinel Island.

Mat knew John personally from Liberty Counsel’s Covenant Journey ministry where they take Christian collage age students who demonstrate leadership skills to Israel. John was was part of this group in August of 2015 while a student at Oral Roberts University.

Contrary to some news reports, John was not someone merely seeking adventure. Mat later learned from John’s mother that John had a burden for the people of North Sentinel Island and this burden dated back to his high school days. The reason for this burden was because John loved Jesus and knew this people group is the last, unreached group on planet earth and he wanted to share Christ with them.

John prepared for about a decade for this mission effort. He learned linguistics, went on mission trips, learned to be an EMT, became skilled in outdoor survival techniques and was an experienced guide for hiking and camping trips.

Mat’s telling of what John left in his journal is very moving as John detailed why he was there, his contact with the island’s people, his fears, how the people responded to his singing of Christian songs and how he chose to give all glory to God for whatever would happen.

Jim followed this portion of the broadcast by presenting numerous news items. Here’s a brief sample:

–The second funeral service for George H.W. Bush was held this morning in Texas.
–George W. Bush delivered a tearful, yet humorous eulogy for his father. Jim
played an excerpt of that eulogy.
–ABC News joked about President Trump during George H.W. Bush funeral coverage.
–The House approved a short-term spending bill to avoid a partial government
–A top Chinese technology executive was arrested by Canadian authorities at the
behest of the U.S. government for violating Iran sanctions.
–Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, South Dakota, to host a forum tonight on
the Islamic faith.
–An international consultant and expert on foreign affairs is charging that human
sacrifices are happening in Greece after officials were found granting visas to
unaccompanied children to facilitate illegal removal of their organs.
–Illinois is allowing the Temple of Satan to install a statue as an exercise in
the church’s First Amendment rights. It’s called, ‘Snaketivity’.

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