Vladimir Putin and Bibi Netanyahu held a strained conversation in Paris France recently

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Looks like a very important meeting took place David, there in Paris when the Prime Minister of Israel and Vladimir Putin President of Russia had some talks but the ties between the two countries are not very good. This was probably a time of trying to make up do you think?

DD: Well it certainly is significant that they met Jimmy although it wasn’t a formal meeting they just sort of passed each other and stopped and talked for a few minutes. But that was more than we were hearing was going to happen. We heard that Putin didn’t want to talk to Netanyahu at all and that wasn’t obviously the case. Israeli press reports said Jimmy that naturally enough they’ve focused on the situation in Syria. Israeli jets have not flown any operations that we know of over Syrian skies since the Syrian army shot at a Russian jet, a Russian spy plane on September 17th. So that’s been quite a ways now, 2 months.

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