December 1: Mary and Zacharias – two conflicting responses.

And Zacharias said unto the angel, Whereby shall I know this? for I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in years.

Luke 1:18

Then said Mary unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?

Luke 1:34

Zacharias and Mary were both visited by an angel. Zacharias and Mary were both told to fear not. Zacharias and Mary were both told they would have a child. Zacharias thought he was too old. Mary didn’t have a husband. But when told of the LORD’s plan, they had different responses.

Zacharias had prayed for a son (Luke 1:13), but now didn’t believe when the angel told him (Luke 1:18).

Mary hadn’t prayed for a son at this time, but didn’t understand how it could happen (Luke 1:34).

The LORD is ok with you not understanding, but is not ok with your not believing.

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