March 4: Prayer Warriors – “Praying” Hyde

“Praying” Hyde was a fascinating missionary. Here’s some excerpts from different sources:

John Nelson Hyde (November 9, 1865 – February 17, 1912) was an American missionary who preached in the Punjab.

John was eventually sent to India as a missionary.

After a short time there he began to wonder if he was qualified for the work he was doing. He began to earnestly study the Bible and began praying for long stretches for guidance from God. After being satisfied that he was truly in God’s will, he went about his missionary work with such zeal that many began worrying about him.

John’s desire to know and do God’s will drove him to all night prayer vigils face down on the floor. By 1908, Hyde’s unquenchable desire to see souls saved led him to ask God for one soul a day for a year. Many thought this was impossible in a land not friendly to Christianity, but by the end of the year more than 400 people were faithfully serving Christ. The next year he asked God for two a day and more than 800 people became Christians.

In a letter back to his college he wrote,

Have felt led to pray for others this winter as never before. I never before knew what it was to work all day and then pray all night before God for another… In college or at parties at home, I used to keep such hours for myself, or pleasure, and can I not do as much for God and souls?”

While we may not be called to spend all night in prayer, let’s seek for a deeper time in prayer!

Pray without ceasing!

1 Thessalonians 5:17

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