Trump Can Bring Unity

Photo: Donald Trump at TPAC, 2023; author: Gage Skidmore; CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

With the many issues we face as a country today, we are in desperate need of unity. Trump can bring that unity.

Texas is being forced by the D.C. elite to continue daily to accept many thousands of impoverished, illiterate illegal aliens into that conservative state. This regional conflict is the worst we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

The effort by blue states to keep Trump off the ballot dramatically ratchets up the dissonance. It is no longer a genuine national election if states can exclude the leading presidential candidate of the rival party from their ballot, as unfolds now.

The Supreme Court has finally recognized its job to try to reduce regional conflicts. The High Court took swift action to intervene by accepting Trump’s request for review of the improper exclusion of him from the ballot by Democrat-controlled Colorado.

Yet the Supreme Court risks doing too little, too late on the many crises pulling our country apart. A biased conviction of Trump in the exceedingly unfair venue of D.C. would not be well-received by Republicans and red states, and the Supreme Court should not allow that divisive political manipulation to occur.

Jury selection against Trump began in the backyard of the Deep State. Violating the Obama-appointed presiding judge’s order placing this case on a temporary hold, prosecutor Jack Smith piled on with yet another distorted filing against Trump, to which Trump’s attorneys properly responded by requesting sanctions against Smith.

A Democrat-majority panel of the D.C. Circuit indicated its desire to allow this extremely disruptive criminal trial to proceed against Trump in the stacked D.C. venue. CNN shows Trump ahead nationwide with more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency, and a politically motivated criminal trial against Trump in the biased D.C. could trigger a national crisis.

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