Pfizer Finances Euthanasia Group

Pfizer’s a major American drug company that played a significant role in the development and distribution of COVID vaccines.  As a result, Pfizer received millions of taxpayer dollars.  So, a group of US senators have some questions for Pfizer.  Why did the company make a financial contribution to Dying with Dignity Canada, a pro-euthanasia organization pushing for euthanasia of children as young as twelve.  The senators’ concern is legitimate.  They also want to know if taxpayer money was used to support this euthanasia organization and if not, where did the money come from?  Do their shareholders know about this?  Does Pfizer manufacture drugs that kill people?  Does the company support euthanizing children?  Pfizer’s stated purpose is “delivering breakthroughs to change patients’ lives.”  But change their lives by killing them? 

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