Feminists Consider Motherhood Oppressive

**Previously recorded by Phyllis Schlafly // March 2010 **

I was flipping the channels on my television a couple of weeks ago, and I stopped as I always do on C-SPAN Books. There was some feminist, whose name is not important, giving a five-minute rant against President Richard Nixon because he vetoed the bill proposed by Walter Mondale to make federal daycare for preschool children a new middle-class entitlement. Nixon’s veto message, which actually was written by Patrick Buchanan who was then working on Nixon’s White House staff, is a splendid explanation of the importance of children being raised by their own parents. Nixon’s veto was and is popular, because the majority of Americans do not want to pay taxes to provide babysitters for other people’s children.

The fact that this veto, written back in the 1970s, is still being attacked by the feminists shows a lot about their attitude — they never forgive and forget. This also shows a lot about the feminist agenda, which is not only anti-men and anti-marriage, but also anti-motherhood. When the feminists talk about discrimination against women in a patriarchal society, one of their examples of oppression in America is that mothers are expected to care for their own children, and the feminists think this obligation should be taken over by the government.

The demand for government babysitting for preschool children was one of the feminists’ four hot-button resolutions passed at the International Women’s Year Conference in Houston in 1977. The other three hot-button resolutions demanded ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, tax-funding for abortions, and an endorsement of the entire gay rights agenda.

Husbands and fathers used to be expected to provide the financial support for their wife and children. The feminists have carried on a long-running campaign to make husbands and fathers irrelevant and to get mothers out of the home and into the labor force, and then demand government daycare.

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