February 19 – The Last of the Levitical Offerings

February 19
Leviticus 7:28-9:6
Mark 3:31-4:25
Psalm 37:12-29
Proverbs 10:5

Leviticus 7:29 We’re making our way thru the offerings of Leviticus, and are in the peace offerings. These are optional unlike the others. If you’re a bit overwhelmed by the offerings, Wayne Stiles has a one-page PDF overview of what they are and why they matter – “The offerings in Leviticus served as God’s gracious provision for how one could regain and sustain fellowship with God.” I like his blog because he makes extensive use of Israeli geography.

Leviticus 8:17 – They were commanded to burn the bullock for the sin offering “without the camp” in Exodus 29:14. In the New Testament Hebrews 13:12 explains how this command was fulfilled. ICR has a good overview of the phrase “without the camp.”


Mark 4:21 Hide it under a bushel? NO!

Psalm 37:23-24 The chorus of The Steps of a Good Man from Mac Lynch of the WILDS comes word for word from Psalms 37:23-24. Another version is recorded by the wife of a pastor friend of mine.

Proverbs 10:5 – Compare to Mark 4:25 that we read just a few minutes ago – God rewards diligence!

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