February 5 – Torts, Talionis, and More Laws!

February 5
Exodus 21:22-23:13
Matthew 24:1-28
Psalm 29:1-11
Proverbs 7:6-23

Exodus 21:23 – Lex Talionis – the law of retaliation. Rather than encouraging violence, the point is to limit violence by keeping it from escalating- the response must be proportionate to the crime.

Exodus 21:28-29 – Tort law – the law of negligence. To those who know, there is more responsibility.

Exodus 22:22 – While we’re rolling thru the “statute law” of the Bible, it is interesting who God is protective of.

Exodus 23:4 – What else does God say about enemies? Proverbs 25:21, Matthew 5:43-44

Matthew 24 – Welcome to the Olivet Discourse – instead of listening to me – join Dr. Jimmy DeYoung for an introduction to the Olivet Discourse as recorded at the Taos Prophecy Conference. Or if you like reading, John Walvoord, president of Dallas Theological Seminary, has his book on the Olivet Discourse available free.


Psalm 29:11 – Go back to verse 1. We have a little chiasm here – the people ascribe the LORD strength, and in verse 11 the LORD will give strength unto his people.

Proverbs 7:10 – I’m glad I have a Proverbs 31 woman, not a Proverbs 7 woman! The man seeking a Proverbs 7 woman is as an ox to the slaughter (Proverbs 7:22). The man with a Proverbs 31 woman sits in the gates with the elders (Proverbs 31:23).

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