Preemies Attend Prom

Tatum Kelly and Leighton Long were born very prematurely in Tennessee and spent the first months of their lives in Tristar Centennial’s NICU during 2005.  The parents of these babies just two beds away from each other bonded and kept in touch over the years.  The two now healthy kids did too.  When they got their first flip phones Tatum and Leighton texted one another.  Tatum said, “We’re just really good friends, so I asked him to come to my prom.”  Leighton showed up in a limo and the two had a great time.  Jamie Horton, a nurse who took care of them and still works in the NICU was especially excited.  She said, “There’s not always a happy ending.”  This story just had one more magical stop on their journey through life.

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