Fast Facts: Pangolins (Part 3)

Welcome to Fast Facts with Reasons for Hope!

I’m Carl Kerby. Pangolins are known as the “one who rolls up,” but they’re more than just keratin scales in an armored ball. These solitary, nocturnal beauties dig through ground as tough as concrete!  In order to do that, they need some amazing front claws, so let’s take a look at them.

All 8 species of pangolin have razor sharp claws that allow them to move vegetation and dig into mounds quickly when searching for a scrumptious snack.

While all pangolins are excellent swimmers and climbers, the Tree Pangolins of the African forest use their claws to climb and hollow out shelter.

On the next Fast Facts with Reasons for Hope we’ll talk about why the pangolin is NOT an armadillo.  Hope to see you then . . . stay bold!

Carl Kerby is the founder of Reasons for Hope and co-creator of the DeBunked apologetic video series. His radio feature, Fast Facts, is heard weekly on VCY America, Saturdays at 9:25 AM Central.

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