News Roundup & Comment 

Date: June 27, 2024
Host: Jim Schneider
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Here’s a sample of what the news cycle had to offer as Jim presented this edition of the News Round-Up:

–CNN has crafted the worst possible week leading up to what they would call the most watched program on CNN in years, and it didn’t exactly have a stellar reception at the initial announcement.  CNN’s choice for its first two moderators (Jake Tapper and Dana Bash) have consistently expressed open disdain for former President Trump.

–“X” owner Elon Musk confirmed he would ignore CNN’s demands to block or remove live streams of the presidential debate.

–Reports are circulating that former President Trump may spring a big surprise at the debate tonight. 

–Hillary Clinton has been laying the groundwork ahead of tonight’s presidential debate by complaining that it’s a waste of time trying to argue with former President Trump. 

–President Biden and former President Barack Obama have been meeting privately on several occasions to discuss how they can save their legacy from former President Trump.

–President Joe Biden’s aides are training him to “trigger” former President Trump when they meet on the debate stage this evening.

–Americans who spoke with Fox News Digital detailed their biggest issues ahead of the election; the two top issues being the economy and immigration.

–The Supreme Court struck down a lower court’s injunction preventing the federal government from pressuring big-tech companies to suppress free speech in a pivotal ruling Wednesday.

–Speaking to press on Wednesday morning, Representative Anna Paulina Luna of Florida, along with other GOP reps, held Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland in inherent contempt of Congress. 

–Representative Jamaal Bowman’s brutal primary loss Tuesday is setting off sirens for another embattled member of the progressive “Squad”: Representative Cory Bush.

–Liberal and moderate Republicans joined forces with former President Donald Trump to oust House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good in last week’s Virginia primary.

–In an interview with impeachment investigators, Hunter Biden claimed he was not an active participant in the Burnham Asset Management venture.  Evidence shows that turns out not to be true. 

Other stories covered topics including abortion in Idaho, America’s ability to defend Israel, Hamas training new terrorist recruits and much more.

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