Counterpunch:  Fighting Back for Faith & Freedom

Date: November 24, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Floyd Brown
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It’s been happening issue by issue, with the complicity of both parties: The fundamental ideals of the nation, including our faith and freedom, are being crushed for the benefit of powerful elites.  Using everything from Big Tech to Big Government, these power brokers are silencing the voices of dissent, canceling those who refuse to fall in line, and pitting the masses against one another. Universities are churning out so-called leaders who refuse to learn from past mistakes, but are instead intent on repeating them.  

Those statements come from the guest on this edition of Crosstalk, whose new book issues a battle cry for a populist movement in America.  It’s a movement that goes beyond any president or political party, but shows how people are coming together from diverse backgrounds to fight for faith and freedom.

Floyd Brown is an author, speaker and media commentator.  He is the former CEO of USA Radio Network.  He founded the Western Journal news website. Early in his career he worked for President Ronald Reagan and Senator Bob Dole and was the first president of Citizens United.  He is the author of numerous books including the newly released book, Counterpunch: An Unlikely Alliance of Americans Fighting Back for Faith and Freedom.

In order to understand why we must fight back for faith and freedom, one must understand where we’ve come from as a nation, where we are now and examine our trajectory.  In explaining this, there are many facets.  One is the elites that control our nation, especially their control of the economy and how wealth was actually gained by some of them from COVID, at the expense of smaller businesses that provided a livelihood for many.

Then there’s Hollywood along with the entire entertainment and news industries.  Floyd believes they’ve been taken over by some very dark individuals.  He described Hollywood as “an open sewage pipe.”  

Next is Big-Tech which empowers messages that fill inboxes and social media feeds. It’s information concerning LGBTQ and messages of confusion.  Floyd noted that it’s almost a demonic spirit that comes from these companies.

He also indicated that over the last 4 decades, the driving force of the Democratic party has been the tactics and strategies of socialist/Marxist Saul Alinsky, who mentored both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Alinsky attempted to create division and enmity between people in order to control things.  So by dividing, Alinsky’s followers hope to conquer the nation.  The message of Christians, on the other hand, is the message of love—the love of Christ. 

From there the discussion moved to globalism and the idea that Christians are the bulwark against a global system, the Patriot Act and its affect on our nation, who’s really in charge in America, his thoughts on education, what is the “counterpunch” his book title refers to and more.

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