Outreach to Pakistan Amidst Persecution

Date: September 13, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Pastor Shahid Kaleem
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Most of us attend church each week with no threat of reprisal.  This is not the case in other parts of the world.  In recent weeks, Muslim mobs in Pakistan have attacked churches and Christian homes were set on fire.  Thousands of Christian families were forced to evacuate including the guest on this Crosstalk. 

Joining Jim to bring more details on what’s taking place in Pakistan, Crosstalk welcomed Pastor Shahid Kaleem.  Pastor Kaleem is the founder and Chairman of Christian Literature & Translation Ministry in Pakistan.  He’s been partnering for several years with Bible Tracts, Inc. for effective ministry of Bible tract and Bible distribution ministry in Pakistan.

Pastor Kaleem began by noting that Pakistan is the fifth largest nation in the world by population and the second most populous Muslim nation in the world.  Because 90% of the population is Muslim, the Christians that live there don’t have Bibles in their homes.

In addition to the Muslim population, many people believe in numerous gods and are idol worshipers.  Pastor Kaleem and his Christian Literature & Translation Ministry are able to reach such individuals in village after village with the Gospel of Christ via tracts, the Gospel of John, the New Testament and Bibles. 

The many Muslims in Pakistan believe in Allah and the Day of Judgment so many are curious about life after death.  That’s why many people want to read the Bible, even though they believe the Bible has been changed.

In August, Muslims attacked Christians in Faisalabad over allegations of blasphemy.  More than 33 churches and over 300 homes were burned, while things like money and jewelry were looted.  Pastor Kaleem went straight to the Bible in response, reminding listeners of the persecution modeled there, particularly by Christ himself, and how this is often a sign that a person is being faithful to Christ and his teachings.

If you feel led to help Pastor Kaleem get God’s Word to the people of Pakistan, gifts can be sent to the address below.

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