Escalating Border Crisis

Date:  December 28, 2021   
Host:  Jim Schneider   
​Guest:  Mark Krikorian  
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In fiscal year 2021, the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended more illegal immigrants at the Southwest border than any other year. That’s nearly 1.7 million apprehensions, an average of over 4600 every single day, and 194 every hour. That’s staggering!

At the same time, we’re alerted to record seizure amounts of drugs such as meth and fentanyl. The consequences of this are equally staggering.

This is truly a matter of national security, yet those in leadership are merely shrugging their shoulders and promoting policies that will make the problem even worse.

Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, joined Crosstalk to expound upon this border topic. He shares his first-hand account from having visited the border himself.

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