A Nation at War: The Globalist Conditioning of America—Part-2

Date:  October 30, 2020  
Host:  Dalton Windsor   
​Guest: Gary Kah
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Gary Kah is the founder and director of Hope For the World.  He’s the former Europe and Middle East Trade Specialist for the Indiana State Government.  In 1987, Gary was invited to join the World Constitution and Parliament Association, one of the organizations involved at the forefront of promoting the world government agenda. During the next 4 years he obtained detailed documents which demonstrated that the push toward a one-world government was active and rapidly advancing.  Gary is the author of Enroute to Global Occupation and The New World Religion

To begin part-2 of this presentation from the October 24th VCY America rally, Gary asked the following question: ‘What do these pro-U.N. globalist elites hope to ultimately accomplish?  The answer?  An anti-Christian, socialist, one-world, cashless, controlled government system.’

This answer helps set the stage for the remainder of Gary’s presentation.  He buttressed his point by telling listeners that if they want to read a good description, all they need to do is read chapters 13 and 14 of Revelation.  In other words, what these people want is exactly what the Bible describes there concerning the last days.  The technology for this to happen is all in place.

Gary believes a cashless system won’t be publicly accepted until America’s economic system collapses or at least falters to such a degree that it’s deemed ineffective and out of date for the interconnected world of today.  He also believes that much of the sensational media coverage surrounding the COVID-19 situation is designed to facilitate that transition.

The central banks of many nations are already preparing for just such a switchover.  When this global currency is introduced, it will utilize digital technology taking on the form of an electronic monetary unit, utilizing readily available distributed ledger crypto-technology.

Some international banks have already begun using special drawing rights (SDR) for several years to settle inter-bank accounts.  The public version of the SDR monetary unit has been ready to go for at least 18 months.  It’s simply waiting for the right moment to come forth.  A global economic meltdown, resulting from a health crisis that’s out of control, might just be, as Gary put it, ‘…just what the doctor ordered.’

Gary asked listeners to pray for God’s intervention in the affairs of America as he believes that the global establishment will do everything in their power to collapse our economy in order to usher in a mandatory vaccine and electronic currency while placing blame, if possible, on President Trump.

The forced hysteria surrounding the coronavirus is causing businesses to shut down for a second time.  It’s estimated that 40-60% of them may never reopen.  In the meantime, diminished corporate earnings, increased trade tensions with China, and our increasing national debt could spell disaster for our economy and the stock market, so we need to prepare while we can.

So what would such a scenario mean for the value/worth of cash?  Will bartering be an option?  These questions and more are addressed as Gary continued to warn listeners what may lie ahead and the players behind it all.  For example he explained:

–Black Lives Matter and their historic ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, the Black Panthers, the LGBTQ movement and BLM’s anti-traditional family/anti-Israel agenda.

–Defunding the police

–The occult connection within leftist politics that supports violence,

particularly against police.

–The Kamala Harris factor.

–The concern among the Jewish community as they look at the near-term future of America.  Should they stay or should they consider moving to Israel?

–How might our enemies seek to weaken us further during a time of domestic unrest?

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