God at Work in Islamic World

Date:  July 11, 2019  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Yakub Kuznetsov  
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Despite what we may hear about Muslims, many are conflicted inside.  Many recognize that the path they’re on is a hopeless one that doesn’t bring peace, love, joy or forgiveness.  These are things they long for as well.

As Islam seeks world dominance, there are many Muslims coming to faith in Christ.  This edition of Crosstalk demonstrated that, as it showed how God truly is at work in the Muslim community while also showing how you can best witness to Muslims.

Joining Jim for this discussion was ‘Yakub Kuznetsov’ (not his real name).  Yakub has been actively involved as a missionary in evangelism for some 33 years, the last 14 in outreach to Muslims.

Yakub began by noting how he discovered through early evangelism efforts that Muslims are not some unreachable people group.  So he took a trip to Israel. While there he ended up in a bad neighborhood at the end of Hezekiah’s tunnel where there were some kids kicking a soccer ball around.  The ball came by him and he kicked it back and before he knew it, he was being stoned.

He went back to his hotel room where he was furious at what had happened.  He felt that this was so typical of the Muslim world. As he sat there judging them in his own heart, he realized that they had never witnessed the love of Jesus.  His followup thought was the fact that here he sat, lashing out at them in his own hatred. That broke his heart and caused him to ask God to send him to the Muslim world.

As Yakub tells his story, you can see the faith stretching that God was working in his life so that now fear no longer holds any strength as he evangelizes.  He explains how showing the love of Christ is key to reaching Muslims, how he does this both face-to-face and via social media, testimonies of God’s protection over his life, testimonies of Muslims coming to Christ and more.

Crosstalk callers bring their views to the discussion as well.

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