News Roundup 3-2-18

​​Date:         March 2, 2018
Host:         Jim Schneider
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​Here’s a sample of the stories that Jim covered on this edition of the Round-Up:

–Public opinion numbers declining for those companies distancing themselves from
the National Rifle Association.
–Georgia lawmakers nix tax benefit for Delta Airlines following the airline’s
decision to cut ties with the NRA.
–Florida’s House of Representatives pass House Bill 839 requiring each district
school board to adopt rules for display of the official state motto, ‘In God We
–President Trump has said he plans to institute tariffs on steel and aluminum
imports next week.
–59% of Americans feel it’s important for President Trump to place tariffs on
steel and aluminum.
–According to the Supreme Court, immigrants detained for removal proceedings may
be held indefinitely and not entitled to a bail hearing.
–The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear a case involving the Trump
administration’s repeal of DACA and on Monday rejected an appeal from the
Justice Department to remove a lower court decision that put an injunction on
the government’s attempt to end DACA.
–The Trump administration is laying the groundwork to abandon the nuclear deal
with Iran if European allies fail to fix the agreement and close key loopholes
that have allowed the Islamic republic to continue sensitive nuclear research
and develop advanced ballistic missiles.
–The Trump administration is considering re-joining the 11 nation Trans-Pacific
–The White House announced Tuesday that it sent Congress a framework for
overhauling prison and criminal reentry in America.
–Is the Trump administration going to get rid of General H.R. McMaster as
National Security Advisor?
–Hope Hicks is resigning as White House Communications Director to explore new
–Jeff Sessions is back in President Trump’s political ‘cross-hairs’ as the
president blasted him for tapping an Obama guy to investigate allegations of
government surveillance abuse.
–Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver stunned as President Trump has announced his re-
–Mike Pence addressed those attending the National Religious Broadcasters
conference putting an emphasis on the pro-life position.
–Trump official Scott Lloyd’s character continues to face attack for his life
affirming policies at the Department of Health and Human Services Office of
Refugee Resettlement.
–The Iowa Senate passed a bill Wednesday to prohibit abortions after the unborn
baby has a detectible heartbeat.
–The Florida House approved a bill to ban dismemberment abortions.
–Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted the existence of so-called no-go zones in
–The Council on American/Islamic Relations (CAIR) is hosting their 4th annual
Oklahoma Muslim Day at the Capitol on March 5th. It’s bringing together Muslims
and their interfaith partners from across the state.

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