UN Sex Education Standards

​​​​​​Date:        February 20, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:      Alex Newman
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​​There’s a plan being brought about for all the children of the world. It’s coming out of the United Nations, The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), UNAIDS, the United Nations Population Fund, UNICEF, U.N. Women, and the World Health Organization. The 135 page plan of these organizations calls for international implementation and international technical guidance on sexuality education.

Joining Jim to discuss this issue was Alex Newman. Alex is an international freelance journalist, educator and consultant. His articles frequently appear in The New American. He also writes for Freedom Project Media.

The 135 page document was released last month and is known as International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education. It’s part of the U.N.’s sustainable development goals and that’s part of what’s called ‘The Global Education 2030 Agenda’. It starts with children at age 5 and goes through a child’s entire education experience.

The U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals have also been called ‘The Master Plan for Humanity’. Within that plan, sustainable development goal #4 talks about education and it openly reveals that every child in the world has to be made to understand things like human rights. That sounds good until you realize they mean the opposite of what the U.S. founders meant. They believe their education goals will create ‘agents of change’ to bring about the kind of world the U.N. wants.

This program entails what the U.N. calls ‘Comprehensive Sexuality Education’. According to Alex, in the document itself this means that they want sexuality education interwoven throughout many different subjects. It won’t be some small segment where children would be taught about how different body parts function.

As already noted, this would begin for children at age 5. It would include education regarding LGBT lifestyles and sexual pleasure. Along with this there would be attitudinal outcomes and learning goals. In other words, they want to see changes in attitude that can be measured and verified right up through age 18.

This is called an ‘Evidence Informed Approach’. What is the U.N.’s base of evidence? Alex noted that you can see that the U.N.’s ‘evidence’ comes from radical extremist groups like Planned Parenthood. He also mentioned the conflict of interest as Planned Parenthood makes massive sums of money from giving abortions, yet they’re part of a plan to teach our children that pre-marital sex and abortions are fine.

In the end, schools will be the indoctrination zone and teachers will be the indoctrination agents.

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