Black History Month Betrayed

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Air Date: February 24, 2015

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Ken Blackwell & Mark Crutcher

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Ken Blackwell is a former mayor of Cincinnati and former Ohio Secretary of State. He is a Policy Board member of the American Civil Rights Union and a Senior Fellow at the Family Research Council.

When compared to what President Obama has done for Gay Pride Month and the efforts to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, Black History Month seems to be under a kind of betrayal according to Ken.

Ken noted how during this Black History Month, the top issue on the White House agenda has been the granting of deportation amnesty to illegal aliens. The President has also been working hard to give legal status, work permits, driver’s licenses, Social Security numbers and even back income to immigrants/aliens with apparently no serious consideration as to how this will affect black Americans.

Ken described how illegals cross the border and compete for scarce jobs on the lowest rung of the economic ladder. In the end Ken feels this is a direct and political effort by the President to grow the ranks of those who are dependent on big government therefore growing the ranks of those who are likely to vote for the party of big government.

Mark Crutcher is the President of Life Dynamics. Since 1986 Mark has committed himself to working in the pro-life movement full time as an outspoken and uncompromised opponent of legalized abortion. Life Dynamics has been involved in a number of projects to promote life and give the truth about abortion. One of these projects is a campaign to increase African-American participation in the pro-life movement. One part of this effort is a stunning documentary film called, “Maafa 21” which leaves no doubt that the driving force behind the legalization of abortion was eugenics and racial genocide.

Mark’s organization (Life Dynamics) studied the origins of legalized abortion because he knew that terms like ‘reproductive freedom’ and ‘choice’ were just marketing slogans. What became undeniable is that the motivation for the legalization of abortion was black genocide.

Mark proved his point by presenting a brief history lesson that begins with the end of slavery in America and how some people felt that the release of so many blacks into society might collapse the economy. From there Mark described the solutions that were prescribed including passive eugenics, positive eugenics, negative eugenics, state sterilization boards and eventually the legalization of abortion and the targeting of African-American neighborhoods by Planned Parenthood.

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