What’s Really Happening at the Border

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Air Date: August 7, 2014

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Zack Taylor

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Zack Taylor is the chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, and a border security expert. He served for 26 plus years as a border patrol officer with supervisory experience and has testified before Congress as an expert witness on criminal activity.

Zack estimates that prior to January 1, 2014, there were an estimated 30 million illegal aliens in the U.S. with approximately 5 million of that total believed to have criminal records inside the U.S. He went on to note that since that time about another 3 million have been added.

Zack detailed the past screening of Central American people, primarily males ages 13-18 that were coming in illegally via encouragement from the Obama administration. They were under the impression that once they arrived here, they would be given a ‘notice to appear’. On the back was a stamp indicating that they could work while they were here. Of the 60,000 that were processed prior to April of this year, they indicated to officials that they came here for the purpose of being here when President Obama would declare amnesty this month. Of those interviewed, almost none claimed to be fleeing poverty or violence. The crime and violence records of the nations they came from bear this out. This shows the disingenuous nature of our administration who calls these individuals ‘refugees’ when in fact, their own testimony says that they are not. Zack believes these individuals should have been put aboard military marked aircraft and taken back to their countries of origin which of course, never happened.

He used the term ‘asymmetrical warfare’ to describe what’s happening to America today. Instead of being brought down by brute force, we are being attacked from within via the diminishing of our own institutions, one of which is proper immigration. With immigration laws being trampled, American jobs, the economy, along with public health and safety are being placed at risk because the immigration surge attacks all of these. He compared the surge to the Cloward-Piven strategy which in this case is meant to overload the immigration system which can distract people from other potential threats such as the transmission of communicable diseases and the influx of foreign insurgents.

Zack also commented on how the shortage of ammunition and medical supplies pertains to the immigration issue along with commenting on the input of Crosstalk callers.

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