Leaving a Legacy: Bob Bowman/Hunger for Biblical Local Churches

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Air Date: March 17, 2014

Host: Vic Eliason

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This Crosstalk began by looking at the ministry life of the late Bob Bowman, the Founder and President of FEBC, The Far East Broadcasting Company. Last week Bob passed away just a few days short of his 99th birthday.

Vic played a special audio clip that gave an overview of Bob’s life and ministry efforts. Bob felt that if radio can bring non-Believers to Christ in America, why not use it to reach people in far away places. The result is that when Far East Broadcasting began, there were 2 million Christians in China and eventually it had grown to 90 million.

Bob certainly left an incredible legacy, proving what can be done when one’s life is put into the Master’s hand. In fact, Vic challenged listeners when he asked, ‘What legacy will we leave as our lives come to the end?’

During the second half of the program, Vic reminded listeners of his question from Friday when he asked if they come from the category of those who are searching. Vic repeated that question adding that if perhaps you are hungry spiritually, what is it you are looking for as it comes from the pulpit? What is causing any lack of satisfaction? Are you looking for a larger church? A smaller church? Deeper studies in the Word? Numerous listeners responded by presenting their needs, desires and insights on this helpful edition of Crosstalk.

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