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Air Date: December 13, 2012

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Mark Mix

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Mark Mix is the President of National Right to Work. They have been litigating at the Supreme Court level 15 times and continue to be a blessing in the area of workers rights.

Michigan has been in the news lately because they have become the 24th state to be classified as a right-to-work state.

What is the right-to-work? According to Mark, every worker in America has to have the protected right to join a labor union. Unfortunately, for many years our legal system has allowed unions to demand that workers pay dues in order to get or keep a job. Right-to- work laws protect a worker’s right to join a union but they also insist that a worker cannot be compelled to pay union dues to get a job.

Union officials may come back by saying that if you intend on reaping the benefits of organized labor, then you need to pay a fee.

Some may claim that “exclusive representation” of the union is the answer.
This is where the union remains the sole bargaining agent, even for employees who don’t join the union.

What impact do right-to-work laws have on incomes? Since much of the media reporting on the right-to-work issue are also part of unions, are they giving us the truth regarding this issue as it plays out? Is right-to-work legislation the answer to union “thugery”? Join Vic as he has Mark answer these and other questions in order to bring understanding to this controversial issue.

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