Tent-Building Bats

Have you ever noticed that many who believe in evolution depict early humans as so primitive that they had to live in caves while many kinds of animals build much more sophisticated shelters? This inconsistent thinking is built on the evolutionary assumption that intelligence, like everything else, has evolved. Creatures that evolutionists think evolved much earlier must be less intelligent.

It was because of this unscientific evolutionary view that the scientist who first discovered the South American bats who build and live in tents refused to believe the bats were normal. The “tent-making” bat, as it is now called, carefully cuts the veins in palm leaves and folds the leaves over to create a protective tent. Each cut is made as though the bat is following a blueprint, and the resulting tent completely hides the bat within what appears to be nothing more than a folded over leaf.

We now know that 14 New World bat species, as well as two Old World species, build tents. Scientists have also learned that the various species of tent-building bats have complex social customs that determine the design of the tent and how many individuals are allowed to live in one tent.

Tent-making bats offer yet one more example of how the living world rises far above the expectations of those who believe in evolution. The limitations of human explanations should remind us that our focus should be on the things of God if we truly want to learn what we need to know in the world.

Psalm 14:1
“The fool hath said in his heart, [There is] no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, [there is] none that doeth good.”

Lord, You have allowed man to make many accomplishments. But do not let Your people be fooled into thinking that man is able to discover meaningful answers about his existence on his own. Increase the voices You have sent to remind us to look to and study Your Word. Amen.

Notes: Ref: Timm, Robert M., and Barbara L. Clauson. 1990. “A roof over their feet.” Natural History, Mar. p. 55. Photo: Common tent-making bats (Uroderma bilobatum) in the gardens of the Arenal Nayara Hotel, Costa Rica by Charles Sharp CC By SA 3.0

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