A Mother’s Love

We have all seen it many times. A mother walking in a crowd with a small child loses track of her child and begins calling and searching for the little one. But can you imagine a crowd of 70 million mothers and children all looking for each other?

That’s exactly what the Mexican free tailed bat must cope with. Once its pups are born, the bat colony may have as many as 70 million individuals, with up to 40 tiny babies for every 16 square inches. Being mammals, bats nurse their young, and the young bats are very aggressive about getting something to eat. So scientists simply assumed that when the mother bat returned from feeding, she would be facing millions of hungry babies. Most likely, she would simply nurse the closest and most insistent young – unable to find her own.

But studies show that when the mother bat returns from feeding, she lands near where she left her baby and begins calling to it, listening for an answer. Her youngster will call back to her, and when she thinks she has found her offspring, she sniffs it to be sure before nursing. Researchers found that in the vast majority of cases, mothers found their own young.

Scientists were very surprised to discover how powerful the mother bat’s love is, as well as how intelligent bats really are. Love is but one part of life that evolution cannot explain. But we – who believe that we and all things were made by a Creator who is love – have no trouble explaining where love comes from.

1 John 4:8
“He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.”

Father in heaven, You meant love and not “tooth and claw” to be the rule in creation. Teach me more of Your love so that I may communicate it to others in this world where many believe that “tooth and claw” should rule. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Ref: “Some mothers don’t forget their children.” Science 84, June. p. 8. Image: Mexican Free-tailed bat (PD)

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