A Confused Flower?


On Creation Moments we regularly look at unusual plants and animals that show the unlimited inventiveness of our Creator. Unusual living things are also fascinating because, since they are clearly unrelated to any other living things, each one is a challenge to evolutionary theory, which says that every living thing is related to other living things.

Botanists recently identified a small flower in Mexico that has left them stumped. Flowers have a pistil or female flower-part made up of a stigma, style and ovary, where the seeds develop. This arrangement is surrounded by male pollen producing stamens.

But in 1990, a small flower was identified in southern Mexico that has only one stamen, which is surrounded by about 50 pistils. It is so unlike any other plant that it took botanists a year to identify. Not only is the flower so unlike any other flower that it is obviously not related to any known flower, but botanists also admit that they are at a complete loss to explain the flower in evolutionary terms.

However, we don’t have any problems explaining the flower because we know from the Bible that there is no limit to God’s imagination and power. And I suspect that He placed so many of these very different creatures in the creation to show modern humans that life has not evolved, but was created by Him. His purpose is that, seeing Him, people might want to find out about a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.

1 Chronicles 16:9
“Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him, talk ye of all his wondrous works.”

I thank You, Father, for Your desire that I come to know You through Your Son, Jesus Christ. I ask that because I know You and what You have done for me, You would show me opportunities to tell others about Your inviting grace. Amen.

“Very small flower found in Mexican jungle has its sex orientation reversed.” Minneapolis Star Tribune, Feb. 4, 1990. p. 5E.
Photo: Diagram of a typical mature flower. (PD)

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