Tool-Using Animals

Genesis 1:27
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

Evolution devalues humanity. It tries to find the most unflattering way to describe human beings to try to counter the Bible’s claim that they were created in God’s image.

For generations, evolutionists said that the humans’ use of tools was all that made them different from animals. Creationists who objected, saying there was obviously more of a difference than that, were ignored as unscientific. It wasn’t so long ago that evolutionists scoffed at creationists who showed them that there are animals who use tools – and, therefore, the evolutionists’ definition was wrong.

Elephants often take sticks in their trunks to scratch their backs. Galapagos woodpeckers use cactus spines, held in their beaks, to probe insects out of cracks in trees. Chimpanzees even use sticks as levers to move heavy objects. They also make tools out of sticks by shaping them to the right size to poke into termite nests. The stick full of termites they pull out of the nest offers them a tasty snack. West African chimps actually use stones as hammers to crack nuts.

So today, evolutionists recognize that some animals not only use tools, but also make them! Only now they claim that animals who use tools prove their theory. Which only goes to show that evolution is not science that can be disproved. It is a faith that will be believed even when the facts contradict it. The facts say that there is an unbridgeable difference between humans and animals.

Prayer: Lord, I thank You for making animals. I ask that You would help all who are working to teach Christian young people that they are Your creations and not glorified animals. Show me my part in filling this need. Amen.

Ref: “Tool-wielding beasts.” Science Digest, Aug. 1983. p. 107.  Photo:  Bonobo fishing for termites with stick – Mike Richey -CC By SA 3.0

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