Pygmy Dates?

John 10:35b
“… and the scripture cannot be broken;”

Creationists are often objects of scorn because they take the Bible’s account of history literally. If the Bible’s history is accurate, humans were on the Earth at the same time as many animals that are extinct today. Creationist arguments are often dismissed without answer by skeptics. Often they do this only because creationists believe that the entire creation is only about 6,000 years old. At the same time, we are gaining a more complete picture of the early Earth’s history. As a result, evolutionists are being forced to accept important parts of what creationists have always been saying.

Excavations in Cyprus have shown that humans have a long history of settlement there. Excavations have also revealed that Cyprus was once home to the extinct dwarf elephant and the pygmy hippopotamus. However, evolutionary scientists said dwarf elephants and the pygmy hippopotamus were there 1.5 million years before humans ever arrived on the scene. Creationists, of course, rejected this claim.

But in recent excavations bones of pygmy hippos have been found in the same layers as chipped bone artifacts, chisels, scrapers, beads and hearths. Based on this evidence, project director Alan Simmons says, “I believe the earliest occupants of Cyprus enjoyed pygmy hippo steaks.”

We may not ever know for sure whether the settlers on Cyprus ever really ate pygmy hippo steaks. However, evolutionists now have to stop laughing at creationists long enough to admit that at least this part of our Young Earth position is scientific fact.

Prayer: Dear Lord, the world scorns Your Word and the history it teaches us. I ask that You would help me be a better witness to the Bible’s history, for part of that history is Your work of salvation for me. Amen.

Ref: Bower, B. 1990. “Cyprus dig pushes back colonization date.” Science News, v. 123, Dec. 8. p. 359. Photo: Courtesy of Giovanni Dall’Orto.

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