Flying Sheep?

Romans 8:28
“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

One unusual argument that the universe is the work of the Creator rather than aimless chance goes like this: only with the highest quality research and work, often over many years, can humans begin to approach the excellence of things in nature.

One would think, for example, that it would be a simple job for modern science to create a fireproof fabric better than anything found in nature. After all, no living things in nature— besides humans—crash and burn. However, 80% of those who die in airplane crash fires are killed by the blinding, poisonous smoke, much of which comes from their seat cushions. The foam in the cushion begins to produce toxic smoke when the treated upholstery fabric gives out at 1,300° and allows the flames through.

It took two years of work before an upholstery manufacturer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, came up with something better. The new fabric, which has since been used on some airline seats, has stood up to a 5,000° blowtorch flame for several minutes without catching fire! Amazingly, the fabric itself is a very dense weave of wool backed with flame resistant yarns. Its inventor says “It’s one of God’s ideas…There are things about wool that are beyond what man can do.”

Sheep have no need to produce wool with properties that could help protect them in a place crash—as would have to be the case if evolution were correct. However, since sheep are part of a larger design in the Creator’s provision for humans, He has given their wool qualities needed by humans as well as by sheep.

Prayer: Our Dear Good Shepherd, You know and fill our needs even before we are aware of them. Help me to remember this especially when I become anxious about my material or spiritual needs. Amen.


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