The Saskatoon Revival – Part II

In 1971, there was a spiritual tsunami that happened in Saskatoon. It sent shockwaves throughout all Canada and North America and has touched many parts of the world.

Ralph and Lou Sutera, twin evangelists, were holding revival meetings in Saskatoon at the time, which wound up lasting for seven or eight weeks!

The Holy Spirit was doing such an incredible work that there were several nights where they didn’t even get to preach because it would have been doing insult to the Holy Spirit and gotten in God’s way.

They would ask if anyone wanted to tell what God was doing in their lives and there were so many that were being touched by God that, some nights, they had to limit it to no testimonies that were older than twenty-four hours.

Sometimes, the Spirit of God would be on the meeting in such a way that, after five or ten testimonies, they would give an invitation.

One night, when they asked for testimonies, a teenage girl came up and said she would like to sing her testimony.

Her crystal voice rang through the church like a bell as she sang the hymn, “Oh, to Be like Thee.” People began weeping, getting on their knees, and getting right with God.

People were coming forward to the alter so they decided to start singing some more hymns. They sang one after another after another. This went on for forty-five minutes.

Afterward, Bill McLeod’s wife said, “That’s the closest I’ve ever been to Heaven without being in Heaven myself.”

The crusade continued and moved from town to town, province to province.

The revival didn’t just stay in Canada, either. It spread to Mansfield, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. It was like a wild fire, affecting towns, businesses, families, marriages, and even children.

Today, God is ready and willing to move amongst His people again.

He is the source of revival, we are the object of revival, rejoicing is the result of revival, and prayer is the means of revival.

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