LIFE ISSUES: Suicide (Part 2)

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Today, we’re talking about veteran suicide.

In the military, soldiers who repeatedly face death, take enemy combatants’ lives, and see friends killed often experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. No doubt, PTSD is a factor in the estimated 20-plus military veterans committing suicide each day.

In a Heritage Foundation panel discussion on suicide prevention and faith, Dr. David LeMay may have surprised listeners when he pointed out two often neglected treatment options for suicidal thoughts: prayer and meditation. LeMay stated that although traditional medicine plays a role in helping struggling vets, faith plays a crucial part in preventing veteran suicide.

LeMay is right. PTSD and the suicidal thoughts that come from it are not just physical or emotional problems — they’re spiritual ones, too.

Christ’s promise in Matthew 11 remains true for wounded veterans today: “Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

And what about physician-assisted suicide? We’ll discuss that another time.

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