BIBLE: Interesting Facts (Part 3)

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Our ability to go to our local store and buy a Bible is something that we should not take for granted.

For hundreds of years, there was an enforced policy that forbade anyone to translate the Bible out of the Latin language.  This made it impossible for the commoner to read the Bible for themselves.

Certain men sought to change this by taking on the challenge of translating the Bible into their own languages … some of these men paid the ultimate price for their efforts.

In 1414, a man named John Huss was tried for his work in translating the Holy Scriptures into the Bohemian language, as well as helping John Wycliff with his English translations.  Huss was found guilty and burned alive on a stake using portions of Wycliff’s Bible as the fuel for the fire!

That’s just one example of why we should appreciate our Bibles and take the time to read them daily.

Next time we’ll talk about evidences for divine inspiration.

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