America’s Unraveling Shared Moral Code

Sociologist James Davison Hunter writes in his book Democracy and Solidarity, that quote, “all healthy societies are bound together, not by the power of a state and its military, but by the power of a culture,” adding importantly, “through most of history, cultures were religious in character.” End quote. Hunter goes on to note that American society has largely unraveled what he calls a shared moral code that emanates from a culture’s religious beliefs. The result is a society where we have few if any common assumptions about what a good society looks like.

Hunter’s analysis makes sense, but it also shows the path back to a healthy and good society. That path is a return to the Christian principles our country was originally built on. We’re not talking a theocracy. We are talking sharing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, putting the Bible back in classrooms, and electing more officials who are godly. Not simple but doable.

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