2018 Year in Review: Bible Reading Challenge

Starting in late 2017 you heard about the Bible Reading Challenge:

In 2018 the VCY Bible Reading Challenge motivated thousands to dig into God’s Word! Here’s some year end statistics:

  • Presented the Bible Reading Challenge on Crosstalk, VCY Today, In Focus on TV30, announcements on the VCY Radio Network, and video spots on TV30 and Facebook, as well as presented at a local church Sunday night service. (View our presentation online or invite Randy to present at your church!)
  • 365 daily encouragements posted online, via facebook, via email, via RSS, via WordPress, etc.
  • 6,761 unique visitors to 2018Bible.org
  • approximately 1,000 softcover One Year Bibles (KJV) shipped from VCY
  • 1,834 downloads of the One Year Bible reading plan (to go along with your own Bible)
  • 139 people joined us on the Bible.com Reading Plan
  • 567 people joined the Bible Reading Challenge Daily Encouragement Email List
  • 206 people follow the Bible Reading Challenge on Facebook
  • Between the subscribers and the 365 days, over 100,000 emails were sent out in 2018 to email subscribers with the daily reading passages and helpful notes
  • Over 15,000 weekly accountability emails were sent out to email subscribers with a helpful nudge to encourage them to hang in there

But rather than me telling you about how it changed my life – here’s what people have written in and said:

I’m so happy I joined last year I did not miss one day. I finally can say I read the entire Bible – no feeling of guilt missing many days as I did in the past. In years past I would always read through the New Testament & then skip around through out the Old Testament. God is good!! I just bought my son the same Bible & praying he will be just as blessed.

What a blessing your 2018 Bible Challenge has been to me !!  

I read through the entire Bible for the first time !

Randy’s Daily Encouragement emails made a huge difference for me in staying on track with my daily reading commitment and helped me understand so much more of what I was reading than when I had read the Bible on my own .

Reading God’s words of Truth regularly is helping me with my walk with Christ !  I have been praying and talking with Jesus our Saviour much more than before I started ( and now completed ) your Bible Challenge . 

The more I learn and understand about the Bible , the more I want to continue to study so I may grow my relationship with Jesus and know enough to be able to share the Gospel Truth with others !

Randy, thank you so much!!!!  This is my first time I have been able to read through the Bible, with understanding.  You did a great job.  God will bless you for your efforts.  May you and your wife have a blessed new year!  

This has been my first year of reading through the whole Bible!!
I will continue to do it each year now. 
I’ve started before and gave up but being accountable helped
And now I want to keep going. I really like the way it is laid out in the schedule we’ve been using. 

I am 73 and this was my 1st time to read completely through the Bible. My husband and I did this together and we both are extremely grateful for your support in this accomplishment. With your notes and references which assisted us to gain more in depth understanding of the Scriptures, we both began to discuss what we read.

Because of your support of VCY America, hundreds of people across America and around the world heard about the need to read God’s Word – and many for the first time in their life were able to read thru the entire Bible in 2018! And we’re starting again in 2019 – join us!

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