What Are the Two Kingdoms, Two Nations, and Two Countries Referred to in Ezekiel 35:10 and Ezekiel 37:22?

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In Ezekiel 37:15-23, there will be two Jewish states in the future.

In 1 Kings 11, after King Solomon had reigned, he was going to give over the leadership of Israel to his son, Rehoboam. But, Jeroboam, an advocate of King Solomon, took ten of the tribes and went to the north and became Israel. Two tribes stayed in the south and became Judah. The Bible says that they came back together in Ezra 2, which says that all of the tribes came back after the Babylonian captivity under the leadership of Cyrus, the leader of the Medo-Persian Empire.

In Matthew 10:5, Jesus was instructing His disciples to not go to the Gentiles but to go to the whole house of Israel. On the day of Pentecost, there were Jews from every nation of the world gathered in Jerusalem.

All twelve tribes are back in the land. The text, Ezekiel 37:15-23, is saying that two peoples are going to come out of one nation. There will be two nations no more (Malachi 2, Jeremiah 3:18). Israel and Judah will come back together.

Ezekiel 35:10 is a proof text of what I just said, and how these two nations will come back together at the time of the return of His Second Coming. It is a judgment against the Palestinian people.

Today, the nation of Israel is very divided. They are ready.

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