In Revelation 2:7, Will We Eat of the Tree of Life Mentioned There?

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In Revelation 2:7, Jesus is writing a letter to the church at Ephesus. The verse says that we will be able to participate in the Tree of Life that will be in the Garden of Eden or the Paradise of God. On the Temple Mount in the city of Jerusalem, there will be a Tree of Life, and we will eat of that Tree of Life.

After the sins of Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden was closed off with two cherubim, keeping them from eating of the tree so that they would not live in their sins forever. There will be people who come with physical bodies into the Millennial Kingdom. Jews and Gentiles who trust in Jesus Christ during the Tribulation will be called Tribulation saints. There will be two judgments (Matthew 25 – the ten virgins and the sheep and the goats). They will go in with physical bodies and will be able to reproduce (Isaiah 65:20). All people born with physical bodies in the Millennial Kingdom will have to either receive or reject Jesus Christ. It will be a theocracy, and everyone will be under the dictates of Christ. Life will be sustained by eating from the Tree of Life.  I do not see in the Scriptures where the Millennial people who trust in Christ ever have their body changed at all.

In the New Jerusalem in Revelation 22:2, there will be a Tree of Life as well, and it says that we will eat of it. We will eat in the Millennial Kingdom and into eternity future.

There will be farmers who grow food as well. It says in Zechariah 14 that every person on Earth has to go to Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles. If you don’t show up for the feast, then you will not have rain for your crops.

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