A single rabbi captures the city of Hebron all by himself during the Six Day War back in 1967.

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Tell us the story of what happened.

DW: Well Jimmy what happened was he had been at the site at the holy Western Wall when it was liberated. There were photographs of him blowing the shofar the ram’s horn there. And he knew the next day the army was going into Hebron and knowing that the army was going to be going there he wanted to go with them and be one of the first Jews to be able to actually worship there. He reached an area about half way between Jerusalem and Hebron. He reached that site where all the army was, he reached them in the middle of the night and he gave them a little pep talk about how important it was going to Hebron. He said I’m going to go rest when you leave for Hebron come wake me up I’m going with you. A few hours later he wakes up and there’s nobody there no soldiers, no Jeeps, no nothing. So he woke up his driver and he said they left without us they didn’t want to take us so lets catch up with them.

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