Iranian leaders say that they can have a nuclear weapon of mass destruction in six months

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Iran says they are six months away from having a nuclear weapon of mass destruction and that’s confirmed by the IAEA the International Atomic Energy Agency saying to Israel you better wake up and the rest of the Middle East giving them warnings as well.

KT: Right and only Hamano who was the head of the security team. He was the chief inspector who went to Iran for many years. He’s been retired for a couple of years he’s in Washington DC think tank now but he’s a very creditable individual. He knows Iran from the inside, he knows the Iranian nuclear facilities from the inside and he knows their program from the inside. And it is his expert opinion that the Iranians can have a nuclear arsenal, nuclear weapons arsenal within 6-8 months. That’s a very significant statement. He’s also been very critical of his former agency the IAEA in their handling of Iran’s nuclear program. They’ve not insisted on snap inspections. They’ve allowed the Iranians to self inspect. Don’t tell the IAEA that nothing bad is going on there.

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