The Israeli Prime Minister may have to call for new elections

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Elections took place, national elections to elect the parties who were then ultimately form a coalition to elect the Prime Minister back in April. That was the purpose right? The first election that the people had was to determine what parties would be apart of the Knesset and then that coalition that’s formed out of Knesset members elects the Prime Minister. Just refresh that for the thinking of our people as we discuss this today.

WM: We elect a 120 seat parliament called the Knesset. However never has any one party gained 61 votes or 61 seats by itself and therefore it always has to look out for partners and they have to build a coalition. Some of the parties odd as it may seem the smaller they are the more power they think they have because they would prevent the government from reaching that magic number of 61.

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