A number of giants of the Faith, great Bible scholars, have recently gone home to be with the Lord

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: You know David we’ve lost quite a few of the giants of the faith who were very important dispensationalist and they have influenced thousands of pastors, Bible teachers and authors around the world. Lets take a moment; let’s talk about three men who had a major impact in both of our lives and our ministries all who have passed away within the last couple of years. Those men were Rennie Showers, Stan Toussaint and Dr. Charles Ryrie.

DJ: Well certainly all three of those men had a tremendous impact in my life as I know they did in yours. Dr. Showers as we recently discussed went home to be with the Lord last month. Stan Toussaint back in September of 2017. Dr. Riley back in early 2016. And I would even mention one other man Robert Lightner who went home to be with the Lord in the fall of last years.

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