The 71st Birthday of the modern day state of Israel is evidence of many miracles happening today

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: It was May 14th a Friday afternoon about 30 minutes before the Shabbat the Sabbath would begin when David Ben-Gurion there in Independence Hall in Tel-Aviv announced to the world that there was going to be again a Jewish nation among all the nations of the world. This is a modern day miracle. Am I correct? Bringing Jews from all over the world into the land of their forefathers and now the 71st birthday of this modern day state of Israel.

WM: Jimmy as you would expect the short answer is yes. The more complicated answer and right now I’m reading a 2-volume history from 1945-1948. The book almost every page goes by day or week and it breaks down all the diplomatic efforts and all the arguments. As you said it’s a miracle in a sense that someone had to run things and I can tell you that the humans at times were not doing the best job possible. It was just humanly impossible. I’m looking and I say well someone else is prodding or pushing or moving things around so that the mistakes that are being made will be made up in another week or two weeks or another month or so.

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