Russian President Vladimir Putin is now the kingmaker in Syria

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Well you’re very close to Russia there. Let me ask you about Vladimir Putin and his benefits from the Israeli-Iranian struggle there in Syria. You’re just mentioning how that is one of the fronts that the Netanyahu government will have to face. Is Vladimir Putin benefiting from all of this?

KT: He clearly is benefiting he is now the man in charge. He is the one who is essentially the kingmaker in Syria. By working with BB Netanyahu he also has a seat at any future table of peace negotiation between Israel and Arabs or Palestinians. This is something the Russians had not accomplished in the past. So he’s really become the key geo-political player has much greater influence today than he did 10 years ago. I think one of the reasons for this is because the democrats and the US Congress has hobbled President Trump with this phony Russia investigation that we now know is truly phony and no collusion. They have prevented President Trump from having his own relationship with Putin.

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