The Israeli’s have spoken, they have re-elected Prime Minister Netanyahu and now he must form a government

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Winkie the first step in the election process is over. On last Tuesday the people went to the polls to vote. Prime Minister Netanyahu is going to have a fifth historic term. Do you think this was the way it was supposed to go or do you think he brought it back from almost disaster?

WM: I would go with your second choice. It really was looking bad in the sense that a new party had arisen almost out of nowhere to be truthful and within three months or so managed to pull an unprecedented over. The challenge was real but he did manage to overcome some very bad handicaps.

JD: Winkie which way do you think he’ll go? Will he try to form a unity government or go right wing government?

WM: No he’s going to go right wing. His only problem is a balancing act.

JD: I would imagine that Iran’s going to still be the number one threat and the problem he’ll have to deal with. But also he made a promise about annexing the settlements, the Jewish communities out there in Judea and Samaria and taking sovereignty over them for the Israeli government. Those are going to be two big chores that he’s going to try and pull together would you agree?

WM: I would agree, I think with the help of President Trump we’re dealing at best we can at the present moment with Iran. As for the issue of what’s going to happen in the sense of the status of Judea and Samaria I would think that Netanyahu meant to extend as much as possible Israeli law to the people and avoid the issue of actually dealing with territory holding it over the heads of the Arabs until they answer President Trumps plan of the century.

JD: Winkie Medad explaining how the Prime Minister will be elected by the right wing political parties in Israel.

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