Syria says that they will use any and all means to recapture the Golan Heights

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: David let me talk to you about what Syria is saying. In fact, they’re making a vowel to recapture the Golan Heights. They say they’re going to do it by any and all means whatever it takes they’re going to get the Golan Heights back. Boy that’s quite a threat.

DD: It’s the strongest statement we’ve had so far from the Syrians in actually many decades Jimmy, indicating that they do plan on military action. This was Walid Muallem the Foreign Minister speaking on Thursday. He said, “US President Trump’s decision on the occupied Syrian Golan has a single affect it only enhance US isolation.” He went on to say “that every inch of the occupied Syrian territories will be liberated”. So they are obviously saying they’re ready to go to war. He’s talking about the North of Syria too that all US forces need to get out of there. Then no Turkish forces but of course Iran is still in the country and that’s the main problem.

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