The Palestinian Media is telling Palestinian children that Israel will soon disappear

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: The Palestinian Authority Television using this opportunity to teach children the end of the Jewish State of Israel will be over and then we will have the entire state to ourselves, we’ll call it Palestine. A means of propaganda for the little children is it not?

IM: Well it’s a lot worse than propaganda because when children believe that that’s what is inevitable and they’re also told that other times that that’s something they have to accomplish. Children have been motivated to go out and commit terror. They’re very much motivated to hate. They’re motivated to deny recognition of Israel. It’s really the root of the continuation in the conflict which is way beyond just simple propaganda.

JD: Well propaganda is used of course by the Palestinians. They’re ratcheting up propaganda especially for the children. It looks like to me Itamar that the official plan for the children and all the Palestinian people would be to use Palestinian television and the educational system especially for these little children to prepare them for a time in the future and its not a good future as far as the state of Israel is concerned is it?

IM: That’s absolutely correct. For example they promote terror and there’s a section on heroes in a 5th grade Palestinian school book that teaches them everyone wants to be like them. So the children are literally being taught that they are supposed to use murders of children. And this is clear message in the books produced by the Minister of Education of the Palestinian Authority that can be no doubt what they want of their children.

JD: Itamar Marcus with the details of the Palestinian Media who is teaching Palestinian children that Israel will soon disappear and they will then have a state called Palestine.

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