The incarnation of Jesus Christ is the greatest proof against abortion

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Well the bottom line the word of God has a lot to say about the unborn that makes it clear that they are fully human made in the image of God.

DJ: That’s exactly right. We could go to many places in scripture Psalm 139:16 says your eyes saw my substance being yet unformed and in your book they were all written the days fashioned for me when is yet there were none of them. Meaning God had a design for every persons life from the moment of conception while they were in the womb.

If you go through different places in the Old and New Testament, if you think about Abraham’s sons record the children struggled within her, Genesis 25:22. So it calls the babies in the womb children. Luke refers to Elizabeth’s baby with the exact same word which is the Greek for son. So we see this over and over again in the Bible from beginning to end. There are penalties even for injuring a woman in the Old Testament under the law because of injuring her had a premature birth or miscarriage.

JD: David would you not agree that the incarnation of Jesus Christ when Jesus all God became all man at his birth here on earth that that should be one of the strongest arguments against anyone who claims to be a Christian being in favor of abortion?

DJ: Absolutely, I think it is one of the strongest arguments for any Christian because the question is this. When did the eternal son of God become human? And there is no other place to put it except at the point of conception when the Holy Spirit over shadowed Mary and brought into human existence the eternal son of God so that he became fully God fully man as you just said. There’s no other place. You can’t place it at his birth, you can’t place it at 24 weeks. It has to be at the moment of conception.

JD: David James with Bible in hand helping us to see the greatest proof against abortion which is the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

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