Israeli and Jordanian officials are discussing the presence of a Jewish Synagogue along with the five mosques that are already on the Temple Mount

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: I know in your blog you wrote about putting a synagogue up on the Temple Mount but I understand that the Israelis and the Jordanians held a meeting for the purpose of trying to pull together and work out this conflict that’s taking place on the Temple Mount about a mosque and or a synagogue up on the Temple Mount. What do we know about that meeting?

WM: Well Jimmy we’re waiting actually for the interference to take place from the Hamas who are now trying to shall I say piggy back on what has been broken out here. For over 15 years or so the gate which is know in English I think as the Golden Gate. In Hebrew it’s also called the Gate of Mersey and that’s how it’s been translated into Arabic has been closed because the chambers the wonderful Byzantine structure built before the Arab Muslims had conquered the Temple Mount and Jerusalem of course. They were using it first as a school and then we found out that Hamas was using it for clandestine activities which was defined as terror and it was shut.  Maybe even think that they were trying to figure out how could we make a disturbance. They broke the gate and broke open the locks and now they’ve turned it into a mosque. Israel has not been strong enough to deal with it immediately. They’re trying to disturb as much as possible the peace and to make a change in the status quo. So that’s the background for the issue.

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